Tuesday, 19 September 2017


  1.  2-tone trim phones
  2. windjammers
  3. frost on the inside of window
  4. warming the day's clothes on the clothes horse in front of the fire
  5. running downstairs in the freezing cold to get dressed in front of the fire
  6. my friend's roll on
  7. vests - I used to hide mine
  8. the noise and sight of the now old-fashioned dentist's drill
  9. putting rags in my hair to make ringlets
  10. perms - what a heavy head!
  11. white kinky boots
  12. pink calamine lotion for my chicken pox spots - yuk

  13. childhood ailments - chicken pox, scarlet fever, German measles - I didn't get measles or mumps
  14. my friend's liberty bodice - what a lot of buttons to do up
  15. plastic sandals
  16. bubbly swimsuits which always smelt of the sea
  17. playing in the rough sea with a car tyre - no adult around
  18. Lucky bags - what a rip off for 3d
  19. knicker bocker glories - another rip off
  20. aniseed balls
  21. liquorice wheels
  22. butterscotch and liquorice gums
  23. skipping
  24. handstands against the school wall - had to tuck my dress into my knickers
  25. Brownie cameras which only took 8 pictures

The list could go on and on.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Repurposing a jumper

Take one 'too small' jumper which belonged to DD.

and one cushion pad,

Sew up the neck, the armholes and the bottom with the pad inside ...

and voila - a cushion with two pockets which can hold remotes easily.

Small things!


PS Dani, I'll write about pruning in another post.

Friday, 15 September 2017

"Time for bed", said Zebedee

About half of the greenhouse has been put to bed with the taking out of the 2 cucumber plants and all but one of the tomatoes. The grapevine is 'staying up a bit longer' as it has a few more bunches on it that I shall eat this and next week. In the middle of the window is the newly planted vine which I will train up and along next year.

Most of the leaves will now just fall off of their own accord and I shall prune back the branches in about a month. 

Some of the grapes on the bunches are turning bad so I must pull those out and just eat the good ones.

The corn has gone to bed already with the cobs being picked and the plants put in the council compost. The husks will be taken off and the corn cobs frozen. We will eat some this weekend ...

... boiled up and then drizzled with butter. :)

It's not quite time for the runner beans to go to bed as they are late cropping and are still my main vegetable each day.

The beet root will be tackled tomorrow and will probably give up and go to bed with a bit of persuasion.

The leeks are the campers and will rest outside for the winter.

I've picked quite a few patty pan and will definitely grow them again next year, I think, even though they take up rather a lot of room and only yield little tiny morsels.

The spinach is still wide awake and will only go to bed when I've eaten it!

Oh courgette, your eyes are closing. Only another grill with cheese and tomato and then you will finally rest.

Now pear, I've already eaten one of you and one has dropped off into the strawberry patch and run away. Please don't drop off until you're a little softer and I can eat you for afters.

Keep bright and cheerful, apples, your bedtime isn't until October.

Strawberries, you are going to need a haircut before you go to bed. NO argument!

Little outdoor grapes, it seems a shame to eat you before you've had a decent half year's sleep. I'll just prune you a little before it gets cold. Then you can rest.

Night, sleep tight, to half the garden. See you in the springtime.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Play Room

In preparation for the decorating of the upstairs - which is a long way off yet - I decided to sort out the play room which had been a dumping ground for various bits and pieces from downstairs. There's a large roll of new carpet underlay in here that is destined for the front bedroom when that's been painted so I had to work around this. The sorting took all afternoon because this room houses craft stuff and 'things' I want to keep at the moment. Here's a local newspaper pull out from 2003 which lays out future plans for Blackpool. We don't look a bit like the front cover yet. Obviously this dream is not likely to become a reality at the moment.

Here's a picture drawn by DD when she was 3. I think its a self portrait.

DS drew his dad who is obviously very fierce indeed.

Another of DD's efforts from later years showing the family cat.

I don't know why I keep patterns. I have 3 sewing machines but do not seem to have time or inclination to use them. I love looking at old patterns though.

I have a storage cube of cross stitch patterns, silks and threads which I should really get round to sewing. Time, again, is needed as well as the desire to complete everything. I think I gave up cross stitch when I couldn't focus properly.

Oh dear - I shouldn't have emptied the storage unit. Just how much craft stuff do I need for card making? Ribbons, embellishments, sticky things, old and interesting toys, puzzles, games - the list goes on. 

It's not getting any easier or clearer.

I'm having a 'right good time'.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Fashion following or leading

It's getting colder so the summer frocks have been taken out of the wardrobe and put away to make way for my 'Autumn Wardrobe'. I've been watching too many Ewe Toob videos talking about capsule wardrobes and basic essentials! Apparently I should have things that will mix and match, ones that will dress up or down and flat, medium and high shoes. (Forget the high ones - I totter enough as it is.) So here is my first 'basic' for Autumn. It's a denim skirt from, guess where? The CS of course but being a person who is vertically challenged, (I like the word 'petite' better), a large part has to be cut off so I don't look a complete dumpling. 

Careful cutting and then I turn up the hem by hand - much more therapeutic than hauling out the sewing machine.

The finished result will be paired with black or brown boots and a *Tee  or blouse. I may *layer at the top with both!

Wad der yer think?

*(note the fashion jargon)