Sunday, 9 July 2017

It's a walk in the park*

A very pleasant walk today in the local park. There's a line of trees at the entrance that commemorate  conflicts from 1945 to the present day.

About 20 trees in all. So sad to think of the people who have died throughout all those years.

Along the walkways and on the grass was this fluffy stuff, obviously seeds of some sort. It looked as though it had just snowed.

The gardens were perfect with flower borders in full bloom and the yews newly clipped.

Oh there's the fluffy stuff again.

People in the park were doing what people in parks should be doing - enjoying themselves in all sorts of ways - listening to the band,

walking - oh there's that fluffy stuff again!


feeding the swans and ducks,

eating ice-cream,

feeding the pigeons aswell.

No one was playing crazy golf.

There were families picnicking and playing cricket,

others sitting or enjoying a snack at the cafe.

Some intrepid souls were 'going ape' high up in the air.

For me it was just 'a walk in the park'.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Where are you?

Hello there! Our 'pet' seagull occasionally pays a visit to the loft window. Steve just likes to keep in touch seeing as he gets fed here everyday. Though not everybody's cup of tea we think that these beautiful birds are part and parcel of the seaside, their cries and their antics in the sky.

Up close he's very handsome. He's also very inquisitive and keeps a watchful eye on what we do.

He sees us in the garden and when we sit in the garden room.

He has become very tame and will even sit on DH's hand in order to take a titbit.

The evening I took this all he wanted to do was to say hello and find out what was happening inside.

Oh and also to ask for some left over cat food for his supper.

This post is for you, Jill. I wonder if he'd sit and pose for you! Not a 'lovely gull gang' just a lovely gull.


PS - Nancy, my watch is an Apple watch and the Activity app was one of the apps on it.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

It's time ...

... to pull up the mange-tout. They've gone over and the dried pods need picking for seed. A space will be made to plant out the leeks in their final place.

Among the plants and in the strawberry patch are these poppies.

They are all different. Some with a little frill, 

and some with many frills.

Some big and some small. All beautiful.

The mange-tout seeds will be dried some more and put away to plant next year.

We're busy eating the potatoes now to make even more space for the leeks.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I'm being watched

My new to me watch is definitely watching me. With its Activity App in action every day I can monitor the amount of activity I'm doing.

My tidying up in the kitchen, mopping the kitchen floor on hands and knees, ironing and hoovering hall, stairs and landing sent the green 'activity' band nearly all the way round to complete its circle. The red 'moving' band was completed and lapped itself after this afternoon's dancing and my blue 'stand up and walk around every hour for at least one minute' is nearly completed and it's just after the evening meal. My total steps have topped 10, 500. As my watch has been set for me being moderately active I can safely assume that I am.

Time for a rest now, I think.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Cat and the Rat - Part 2

Oh DD dear,
What have we here?
Have no fear,
Help is near.

Super Mum proceeded to free up the squares and sort out the ones that hadn't been eaten from the ones ...

... that had.

She clicked her little scissors and SHOWZAM - look at that - 81 squares whole and 19 squares partly eaten.

The blanket will be one round smaller.

Now for some more magic. With nimble fingers and trusty hook she took those 81 squares and worked merrily away. It will take some time but she'll get there and the Cat (perhaps not the Rat) will have a nice, cosy bed once more.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Cat and the Rat - Part 1

The cat and the rat were hungry one day - well not just one day - on quite a few days. They were also short on things to do and being inquisitive creatures they decided to explore their surroundings. It just so happened that part of their surroundings contained a Mum blanket which was especially made for their Humom (Mum's DD). 

Ah, what a lovely blanket they thought and the cat and the rat cosied up and fell fast asleep. This blanket became one of their favourite places to visit - such a warm, welcoming cocoon. 

One day rat was having a meander around the flowers of the blanket when he saw a small piece of yarn sticking up. "That shouldn't be there," he thought and gave it a quick nibble to see whether it would go away. It did go away - right into his stomach. "Wow, that tastes great!" he cried and proceeded to chew a little more. Only a small hole was made so it wasn't noticed as there were other holes around in the blanket.

 Another day cat was having a quick roll around the flowers in the blanket, sunning herself and basking in the warmth. As she rolled she caught her claw in the hole made by rat. "Oh, drat that rat!" she cried and pulled her claw free. In doing so a little of the blanket unravelled and made a yarny tail for her to play with. It was great fun. She could even chew on the ends of the yarn and it made a squeaky sound. Such adventures. The chewing staved off the hunger pangs until Humom arrived home from work.

Humom, upon seeing the blanket, folded it over in order not to see the holes being made each day. Eventually the Mum blanket looked like this.

Everyone was very sad - except for the rat and the cat, who thought it was great sport.

Time for Super Mum to sort out the mess ......


Saturday, 1 July 2017

More of the same

Flobby = flabby

Now to de-clutter the wardrobe. This one's easy. Forget about whether each garment brings you joy. Just ask yourself one question.

Will I ever get rid of my flobby, tummy fat?

The answer in my case is 'no' so the wardrobe will be instantly de-cluttered as half the garments will be ousted. Dead simple.